Bahrain Travel Guide: Top 10 Places to visit in Bahrain

With a capital whose name means “Sleeping Place” Bahrain though mostly known as a trading center, has a lot to offer in terms of natural and modern beauty. Over the last two decades, Bahrain has undergone a huge transformation and it will change even more in future as it tries to compete with its neighbors. It is an ancient country and one of the world’s oldest merchant nations. Far from the trade, Bahrain also boasts of numerous attractive spots. With its old towns and villages still well preserved, this island will surprise you with it offers. Get your Bahrain visa ready and get down to this island to check out the following sites among others;

The Tree of Life

Commonly referred to as the tree of life, this mesquite tree believed to be between 500 to 800 years old stands alone in the desert. What is amazing about this tree is that it manages to stay green in the waterless desert. The tree looks too old but its leaves look fresh and green. To this day, no one knows where the tree gets its water and why it still exists. Though the trek to the tree is tiresome, a visit there will be worth your troubles.

Bahrain National Museum

A tour of this museum is the best way to get a quick firsthand experience of this ancient kingdom. It showcases ancient artifacts of the Dilmun era. Here, you will find agate, camelian beads and burial jars. The museum also showcases the history of local pearl fishing with information on vessels and pearl divers.

Al-Areen Wildlife Park

Located 20km south of Manama, this park is a good way to escape the city hassle. It is home to several gazelle and Oryx species that are already extinct in the wild. Getting a glimpse of these endangered beasts will surely be worth your trip.

The Bahrain international circuit

In its endeavor to match its neighbors as a top racing destination, Bahrain established this circuit in 2004. For racing lovers, this is a place to check out It t has hosted many events such as the desert 400 and grand Prix. The circuit has a grand Prix track, inner track, outer track, drag strip, paddock circuit and oval track. This is place is meant to be a racing haven in days to come.

The Grand Mosque

This mosque is good to look at The Al Fateh Islamic Centre, its real name boasts the crown for having the largest fiberglass dome in the world. Its Arabic design and wonderful architecture makes it amazingly beautiful from whichever side you look at it. The mosque can host up to 7,000 worshipers and is the island’s largest mosque.

Jabal Al Dukhan

Dubbed the “Mountain of Smoke”, this is the highest point in Bahrain. It is located in the southern part of the island. Consider heading there for an overnight camping experience.

Fort, Bahrain old

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage center, this fort is the remnant of the fort built during control of the Portuguese in the 15th and 16th centuries. Climbing a top this fort will give you breathtaking views of the coast line. Consider also checking out ruins of the Dilmun capital believed to be 4000 years old. The ruins referred in Sumerian writing as “bronze age” surrounds the port.

There are many more ancient forts and modern spots to check out in Bahrain. If you have visited Doha or Dubai expect a similar experience here.

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